Quality Score in High Resolution

Quality score has been confusing and confounding paid search managers for years. The basic facts are simple, but the details have been elusive. Quality Score in High Resolution is the advanced guide to AdWords quality score.

Written by respected paid search expert Craig Danuloff, and supported by technical interviews with Google’s Ads Quality Team, this is the first and only resource that demystifies quality score and empowers you to deliver more impressions, higher click-through rates, and larger profits.

This book dives deep, delivering details, explanations, and insights into the calculation, application, and management of quality score.

You’ll learn:

  • All the forms of click-through rate Google tracks to calculate quality score.
  • The secret of relevance.
  • Why you can’t trust the “quality score” number reported in AdWords.
  • How landing pages really impact quality score.
  • The goals you should set for quality score in your account
  • A simple path to good or great quality scores

The success of every keyword in your account is all decided by this powerful little metric. This book is your key to deeply understanding quality score and truly optimizing your paid search results.

Format: Paperback
Contents: 225 Pages
Publication Date: June 2011
Price: $149.00
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Praise & Reviews

“Craig has put together the definitive book that will help you to understand and improve your quality scores. This is a must read book for anyone concerned about their AdWords’s performance.”
- Brad Geddes, Certified Knowledge

“Craig has lifted the veil off AdWords quality score and provided a comprehensive guide to help us understand the why, how, when, and if, questions we ask ourselves daily.” - Kim Clinkunbroomer of Clinks Web Service

“If you invest $5,000 a month or more in AdWords this is the book you MUST invest some time reading.”
- Bryan Eisenberg, New York Times bestselling author

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About The Book

Quality Score is vital to success in paid search and yet there has not been a complete and accurate source of information available on the subject. There is a lot of talk and writing about quality score, but for many the details remain confusing, a lot of mis-information is constantly repeated, and frankly a lot of un-answered questions remained even among the top paid search experts. I was confident that I could gather and organize the facts, and even get answers to the questions that Google has never answered before – and I have.

Quality Score is the secret sauce that drives or hinders success in AdWords. This book is important because every time your keywords are entered into an AdWords auction, quality score determines your fate. The only way to optimize a paid search account is by optimizing quality score – and that requires a full and accurate understanding of it.

The book was meticulously researched, and Google directly supported my efforts: I received technical information and key chapters of the book were reviewed by members of the Google AdWords Search Quality Team. The Google folks told me that they wanted an accurate and detailed documentation of Quality Score to be available to the advertisers that would be interested, and that is why they decided to support this project.

(Note: Beyond their support, I have no affiliation with Google and this book is not affiliated with Google in any way.)


This is an advanced guide to Quality Score that will benefit any serious AdWords advertiser or paid search manager. It starts with the officially published information and then dissects it – explaining, expanding, rethinking, and discussing what it really means and how you should create and manage accounts for the best possible results.

Chapter 1: The Quality Score Quick Tour

This chapter covers the basics of quality score – what is is, how it is calculated, where it is used, and what you can do to improve it. It’s intended to be the best short summary of all the key issues about quality score ever written.

Chapter 2: What Google Says and Doesn’t Say About Quality Score

Google’s official writings form the factual basis of our understanding of quality score, but they’re scattered throughout the help system and forums. This chapter gathers key quotes (with link citations to original files) and adds commentary to explain what Google says, what they mean, and what they’re not willing to say. Here you’ll start to get the idea that this book isn’t going to pull any punches.

Chapter 3: The Role of Quality Score in AdWords

Quality Score impacts advertisers, searchers, and the chief money-making business of Google Inc. This chapter dives into the role it plays for each of these players. Particular emphasis is placed on how Quality Score affects different kinds of advertisers and on the hidden benefit it provides to Google themselves.

Chapter 4: Which Quality Score?

Think there’s only one number in AdWords named quality score? Think again. This chapter documents the role of visible quality score, the distinctions between it and the quality scores that actually matter, and provides a full list of all the versions and flavors of quality score scattered throughout AdWords.

Chapter 5: How Quality Score is Calculated

The $64,000 question is finally answered in clear and hopefully definitive detail. This chapter disects, deciphers, expands on, and explains the official descriptions and gets to the root of the measures and metrics that really drive the calculation of each different version of Quality Score.

Chapter 6: The Impact of Quality Score

Quality Score matters because it impacts every keyword in accounts in four fundamental ways. This chapter reviews each in great detail, and provides important corrections and updates to the data first shared in the ‘Economics of Quality Score’ blog post.

Chapter 7: The Numbers and What They Mean

A rating scale from 1 to 10 should be the clearest and easiest to understand scale in the world. Except it really isn’t when the numbers represents other numbers that aren’t a linear scale from 1 to 10. This chapter will help you to understand how bad a ’4′ really is, how happy a ’7′ should make you, and what’s so special about a ’10′. We’ll even prove that ’9′ exists!

Chapter 8: The Simple Path To Good Quality Scores

There is a direct 4-step process that can virtually guarantee good or great quality scores. This chapter introduces ‘The Quality Score Shortcut’ which is a set of best practices that setup your keywords to succeed before the first impression or click.

Chapter 9: Quality Score Management Basics

Quality Score management should be standard operating procedure for paid search managers, like keyword expansion or bid management. This chapter describes the right way to approach the task, with clear goals, a view of the role of the different keywords in your account, and sound management principles you can follow in your own account.

Chapter 10: Dealing With Disaster

What should you do when you find horrible Quality Scores in your account? This chapter tackles the tough issues behind business model penalties, landing page problems, poor historic CTRs, and other situations that can do serious and sometimes permanent account-wide damage to your quality scores. It offers advice and suggestions for rehabilitating problem keywords and accounts.

Chapter 11: Everyday Quality Score Management

Finally, with the pre-requisites out of the way, we get to the daily work of trying to increase the quality scores of individual keywords. This chapter introduces a 10-step process for finding problems and bolstering the quality score rating of virtually any keyword in your account.

Chapter 12: Quality Score Q&A

Part summary and part ‘stuff that didn’t fit elsewhere’. This chapter addresses popular quality score questions from seminars, webinars, blog comments and the twitter-stream.


Price: $149.00
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