The following books, ebooks, whitepapers, and materials are available:

Quality Score in High Resolution

An advanced and complete guide to AdWords Quality Score.

This 225 page paperback solves all the mysteries of quality score, and shows you how to create and manage accounts that consistently earn good to great quality scores.

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21 Secret Truths of High-Resolution PPC

This is not a beginners guide. It’s a manifesto for the next generation of advanced PPC management.

This book shares the 21 core facts and philosophies upon which we believe effective paid search management is based. It’s based on years of research, reconsideration, experimentation, and deep thought.

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The entries in this book are called ‘Secret Truths’ because this isn’t a summary of the popular notions that typically pass for paid search best practices. This is a ground-up reconsideration of what each component in the system does, and a rebuild of how you should manage based on this fact-based (rather than faith-based) view.

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Introduction To High-Resolution PPC

High Resolution PPC is a new framework for understanding and executing paid search campaigns in a way that reflects the market realities of 2010.

The book shares the 21 core facts and philosophies upon which we believe effective paid search management is based.

As the name suggests, High Resolution PPC is based on the idea that we haven’t had a clear enough picture of how paid search really works. And lacking this information, we haven’t had processes that allow us to control our campaigns with fine enough precision.

So we took a deep look at the algorithms, rules, and options that define paid search today. A lot of what we learned surprised us. We then reconsidered the premises on which traditional search management methods are based, and came away with a new perspective on what search is trying to achieve and how to best accomplish those goals.

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The Advanced Guide to Improving Quality Score

This free white paper, available through ClickEquations, provides an in-depth overview of Google AdWords Quality Score. It begins by defining and describing quality score, and then includes sections covering:

  • What is Quality Score?
  • The Impact of Quality Score
  • What Drives Quality Score
  • How to Optimize Quality Score

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